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Muckaway Tipper Lorry

Land Restoration

As the waste management sector increases so do the guidelines set out by Central Government. The responsibility of waste management lies squarely on the waste producer, who must correctly identify and dispose of their waste within the confines of current legislation. Failure to comply can be costly as well as having a negative impact on the environment. Penwarden will undertake all utility work related to the sector.

Golf Course Construction / Reconstruction

We reconstruct aging, or poorly constructed athletic fields and golf courses that can be repaired to gain extra life. Often such fields or playing surfaces have not been built or maintained to the optimum level, or they are the result of repair projects that have gone wrong. Penwarden offers a variety of solutions to the problems of field construction, unresponsive turf, errant water damage, poor drainage, or rapid wear.


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Land Restoration
Golf Course Reconstruction


Type 1 Crushed Concrete
Type 2 Crushed Concrete
Reject Sand
Screened Topsoil
Primary Aggregates
Sharp Sand
Building Sand
Special Sands
MOT Type 1
10mm Shingle
20mm Shingle
Reject Stone


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